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Strategies To Lose Weight

You need a magic solution to help shed that extra weight, right? Well, I have developed the best solution ever! Check out the latest blogs!

Nutrition Tips

Nutrition is arguably more important than going to the gym. You need the latest nutrition tips to make sure you keep losing weight and gaining muscle.

Tips On Gaining Lean Muscle

I have strategically developed, through trial and error, the best ways of gaining lean muscle. Check out the blogs for the latest information.

Workout Programs

Check out my custom workout programs. These are not cookie cutter programs. I have developed these plans over all my years of training.



Free Fitness Calculators

Knowing how many calories you are eating and how many you should be eating makes a huge difference when work out. Check out the free calculators.

Human Anatomy

The human muscle needs to be worked out in a certain direction from its point of origin to it’s insertion point. This will maximize your muscle.¬†

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